Sympathy has passed through me, and now I see pain
Never tired of losing it it'll come back again
I don't see why you can't feel this
It all ends right now, can't keep my hands still
Pain keeps flashing off and on inside of my soul
I've lost it all and won it all it seems so controlled
I can't stop this. This is needed
Feel no change from it there will never be
I feel so hollow
Emptiness running my life
I'll hold on to this
The only thing that is real
Failing through my inspiration comes out in waves
The end of all occurs to me, stare at my face
It's all gone. All is gone
It will always hide from me
All the things you've done to me have made me this way
Opened all the doors that lead to my misery
I hate you with all of my soul
Never sever down forever Dark in me
~C~ 2x
You're an illusion I see You're an illusion I see what you are
All my life you've dominated by far
I can't let you win and you'll never get in
Now it's up to me to escape my own scars
Never a way out of me….Never 8x
Why God, tell me why
Why God, do I want to die?
I know I can't make it
I try still can't make it alone
Why God? Tell me why
I try still can't make it alone
You'll go
Tear it out of me
Lose my soul
Still can't make it 2x

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