Growing cold. Am I dead I don*t know?
I*m on my own and I*m out of control
Buried inside what*s killing me
Can be so blind can you help me see
Time to find
What*s in my mind
Cause I can*t see
I*ll be fine
Hold on to what*s wrong in my head
I m gone so bring me back I am dead
I try to save me and walk on
Show me now what I have done wrong
Repeat Chorus
I can*t believe what I see
I don*t why I cannot be
Just can*t take all the beatings
Never before have I looked inside to see what I am
Never again am I be crucified by the words that you*ve said
Never to have what you wanted bad. So you leave me for dead
Never to know what lies beneath it*s all in my head
Repeat Chorus

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