(Verse One)
What motivates you my friend?
I think I see your plan
To push me to the end
The end of a short rope
You push my buttons and hope
That I will lose control
I cannot hear you but I know you*re laughing
I cannot see you and the mocking smile that*s on your face
If we ever meet there will be no doubt
That the first chance I get I*ll knock that taste right out of your mouth
(Verse Two)
Is your life really that low?
That you feel the need to go
And bring me down with you
Don*t have the courage to face
Your empty life is a waste
A waste of my time and space
Repeat Chorus
Wasted all this time
I*ve watched you cross the line
Time for you to fight
Pushed me way to far this time
(Verse Three)
It shouldn*t get to me
Cause I can easily see
That you mean nothing to me
You*ve tried to pull me in
A battle I cannot win
I will not let it begin
Repeat Chorus

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