What is it that you are really looking for,
is it revenge? You simple bitch.
You take away all a man ever had,
yet, you still want more!
Pattern mind, your bullshit lies.
Once was loved by this shattered mind.
Washed out, walk out of my life,
10-12, Soul to Cell
Lies forced upon impressionable minds,
taught to hate, suffocate!
Every lesson, taken to heart,
now violent tendencies are mine!
(repeat chorus)
I've got my soul to sell.
The next ten to twelve, I'll spend
In this pitch black cell!
Still much better, than your bullshit hell!
Drown me now, you might as well.
Fuck my life! It's over now.
Put me away with the lies you told today,
I can't believe you did this to me!
(repeat chorus)
I've got my soul to sell

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