Boiling Vomit Through My Veins
Compost Devourment
Consecrating The Reviled
Consume The Forsaken
Crevice Flux Warts
Demise Of The Trinity
Denied Existence
Depths Carmesí
Disfigured Catacombs
Dissecting Thee Apostles
Divine Suffering
Excremential Lust
Exhuming The Disemboweled
False Conception
Goremassacre Perversity
Gribbled Maggotized Pregnant Inside Into A Fetid R
Haemorph Endartemectomized Punzed Eozinophille
In The Acro Cianotyc Post Clonning Ectopysm
Indulging Dismemberment Of A Mutilating Breed
Jaundice Of Hookworm
Jism Adipose Carbonization
Lymphatic Orgy In A Ulcerated Incubation
Macabre Realms Of Inhuman Bestiality
Manipulation Of Faith
Pedophilamorphia Of Excreachollemical Endolapse
Perverse Manifestation
Purifying The Cavity
Purpuric Cytoskeletal Glucid Oxidase
Raise The Pestilence
Rancid Bowel Sarcoma
Ravenous Funeral Carnage
Revelations XVIII
She Lay Gutted
Silks Sphinter Anal Lumen
Sodomic Baptism
Sodomize The Bleeding
Spasmobliterance Filtrates Scabs
Stygmatodermuropyanephrosism On Impetignose Urogen
The Vile Sores In Urticariothrocisism Goulashed De
Urethrive Decortico-Xanthomatose Muco Gestated Sca
Viscose Oseal Fibroma
Womb Full Of Scabs