43% Burnt
4th Grade Dropout
Abe The Cop
Baby's First Coffin
Calculating Infinity
Cleopatra's Sling
Clip The Apex...Accept Instruction
Come To Daddy
Crutch Field Tongs
Destro's Secret
Highway Robbery
Hollywood Squares
I Love Secret Agents
Jesus Christ Pose
Jim Fear
Like I Love You
Panasonic Youth
Perfect Design
Phone Home
Pig Latin
Proceed With Caution
Sandbox Magician
Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants
Sugar Coated Sour
Sunshine The Werewolf
The Mullet Burden
The Perfect Design (Live)
The Running Board
Three For Flinching (Revenge Of The Porno Clowns)
Unretrofied (Radio Edit)
Van Damsel
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Weekend Sex Change
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