A Gathering Of Memories
A Last Lament
A Misleading Scenario
A Shining Blaze Over Darkland
A Throne On My Long - Awaited Desires
Ancient Dreams
Arrival In Mesopotamia
Ascension - The 40th Day After Easter
Balaam Wore Black
Birth And The Eleventh Moon
Building The Paradox
Chrysanthemums In Bloom
Here Lies My Kingdom
I Have Done As You Did
I Ruler Of Paradise In Black
Inspiring Vulnerable Thought
Lost Forever
My Days Until
My Travels Through The Midnight Sky
Oceans Of Soliloquy
Odourless Alliance
Pluto's Ovoid Orbit
Red Is My BloodâЂ¦ Cold Is My Heart
Salus Deceived
Selek From Menes
Serpent Of Old
Tantalised In This Labyrinth
Tears Will Flow
The Awakened
The Crimson Tides - Ocean Of Soliloquy Pt.II
The Final Affliction Of Xafan
The Fragrant Thorns Of Roses
The Gothic Statue
The Hollow Cage Of My Ribs
The Obscure Process Of Metamorphous
This, Murder Of Crows
Under The Autumn Tree
Upon The Highlands I Fought
Why Is It That Angels Speak Such Evil_
You Died Before I Was Finished