featuring Dyme

1 [Deborah]
You've been cheatin' and telling me lies
You've been creepin' while I'm sleeping at night
And you've been chasin' every girl in sight
You've been messin' around and now you're down
It's over now

[All Star]
Yo now whatcha sayin'?

Tryin' to forget about
Ordinary things typical predictable
Ooh baby I knew the end before it started, hmm
You got me feelin' like I owe you something
Cuz you were there in times when I had nothing
But you threw it all away with the shady things you do

2 - Baby, please forgive me
For what I'm 'bout to say
And what I'm 'bout to do
I can't take no more
I know you ain't been true
Ain't got no love for you

Repeat 1

Relying on my intuition
And pass it off as a suspicion
But you were just so bold
You kept putting it in my face, yeah
I can't deny I let you hurt me, oh no

Repeat 2
Repeat 1

You couldn't have appreciated my love
The love that we shared
You made a fool of yourself
So keep on walking
Now girl go up and you tell him
There ain't no time for him

Hey you're not, what?
Dyme baby put it down
You ain't know I got to go
What you thought, I was gonna stay with you
When I know about all that dirt you doing
The creeping, cheating
Sneaking out the house while I'm sleeping
I doubt that, like I'm havin' it
Go ahead with them loose and half-naked chicks
Thinking that they too Dyme for that
I bet that, when I'm gone, y'all miss the cat
It's over now, no Rover now
You getting back to your Nova now
I bet you didn't know I labeled you a clown now
See me getting dough and wanna come around now
Stop talking 'bout your cars, your rocks
His and her's furs with that played out fox
I'mma dead Pac so those chicks look back
All you gonna see is backside and hips, yeah

Repeat 1

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