Dancin in the living room, cuttin' up a rug
Dancin' with a baby looks more like a hug
Livin' in a house made of saw mill wood
Roll Over Beethoven never sounded so good

Hey, hey baby, baby let's go
Where we get the money, honey, I don't know
One more baby's all right by me
We'll just add another limb to the family tree

Raisin' up babies is our new sport
You're one day late and I'm a dollar short
Now maybe it was planned or maybe it was a goof
But a cat just has to dance on a hot tin roof

Well the lawn mower's broke and the tax is due
And if I find another tick I'm gonna come unglued
We got hand me-down clothes, hand me-down shoes
We got the big-belly-mama-here-we-go-again blues

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