Okay,this is another public service announcement brought to you in part...(Punch,Ahhhhh)Shut up Punk! Yo is this thing on,good good hell yeah.Look,I'm speakin' on behalf of D12 and if you get offended at words like shit,bitch,hoe,sissy,fudge,fakker,clit eater all that shit like that than you should this shit off,right
now, cause thats just some of the shit,no that's the only shit that
you gonna hear on this album.It's not that they don't have creativity or some shit like that,that aint' the case.We just like
sayin' shit like that just to fuck with ya.(come 'ere) What, I thought I told you to hold him down now he's runnin,O fuck it(gun cocks,fires,guy hits ground)Goddammit if you just would've stayed still nothing would've happened to ya.It just goes to show, When you fuck around with us,Shit can't happen.Bitch.

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