Sell all you have give it to the kittens
And pour the milk on Louis' grave
And Catland sometimes called Pussydom
Opens for you instantly it's the inmost light!
It's the inmost light
Somewhere over the rainbow
On the goodship lollipop

There oh there
The inmost light
The happy children rise all from their pools
Eyes still sealed
With mud and night
It's their inmost night

And yet still I which I could dream as when young
As she came to me so young and honest

Yet the bloodbells chime
I do not notice them I shall not notice them
Yet the bloodbells chime

Tommy Katkins still send his regards
Frozen for ever on some animal somme
The last thing on his mind is marriage
But the call of home and heart

Yet the bloobells chime
Yet the bloobells chime
Yet the bloobells chime

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