Now in these cynical times
Stereotypical minds
Got me falling from my pinnacle the minute I climb
Now these subliminal thoughts got individuals blind
I'm trying to look beyond the lies
Just to see what I'll find
I'm like a flower in a cave
Another hour in the maze
And I'll cower to the power of my criminal ways
The sun is shining but I'm catchin' minimal rays
It's time for me to grow out of this childish phase
My life is like a battle that I'll probably never win
'cause I keep thinking big and risking everything
Life's a challenge and I wonder if I'll ever find the balance
Mixed emotions and confusion topped off with many talents

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever change
Can I change
Would I change
Or am I always gonna be the same

I blame the world for making me such a freak
But the world wants to blame it on me
(my life is twisted)
My finger's poiting in the mirror
I'm the one now
I see my shadow in the sun dial
Am I really out of change
Put my freedom in a cage
Slow down
Man I got a son now
There's nothing new they all said it
And I know it but I had to go through it myself
I'm hard-headed
that's the only way I'll learn
Get caught in the fire there's no escaping the burn
And it burns
Change this
Change that
Change is full of lies
I remain the same cat wear a good disguise
Living life looking through my third blind crooked eye
So if I change I'd be changing for the worst wouldn't I?


I wanna run but if I run I'm only running from myself
Would it be easier if I were someone else
I'm like a child plain' with matches that's never been burned
Relearning all the lessons that I've already learned
On a highway to a destination I've earned
So many exits, but I've never bothered to turn
I'm like a piece of shard glass laying on a frame of a window
That was broken by the bricks of pain
Sometimes I feel just like the devil's guinea pig
He's watching me just to see how deep I can dig
I admit I'm fucked up and got a lot to learn
So now I'm dancing in the ashes of the bridge I've burned


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