"r U Ready"
"what Ya Gonna Do" (feat. Pete Devereux & Mark Hill)
2 Steps
2 Steps Back
2step Garage (Wicked Mc Remix)
4 Times A Lady
7 Days (с аккордами)
7 Days (с переводом)
7 Days (Live Vibe In Amsterdam)
7 Days Full Crew Remix
7 Days Remix
7 Days Sunship Remix
All Friday
All The Way
All The Way
Apartment 543
Are You Ready
Booty Man
Can You Feel Me
Can't Be Messin Around
Can't Be Messing 'Round
Cocoa Butter
Come Together
Did You Ever Think
Did You Ever Think?
Did You Ever Think? - r Kelly (performed by Craig on Tour - 2000
Do You Believe In Love
Don't Love You No More (I'm Sorry)
Eenie Meenie
Eenie Meenie
Exception To The Rule
Fast Cars
Fast Cars
Fill me in
Fill Me In (с аккордами)
Fill Me In
Fill me in (full Crew Remix)
Fill me in (part 2)
Fill Me In (Part 2)
Follow Me
Four Times a Lady
Freakin You
Hands up in The Air
Hands Up In The Air
Hidden Agenda
Hidden Agenda
Hot Stuff
I Don't Love You no More
I'm Walking Away (с переводом)
Im Walking Away (с аккордами)
Just Chillin'
Key to my Heart
Key To My Heart (с аккордами)
Key To My Heart
Last Night
Last Night
Let Her Go
Let Her Go
Let me Know
My Love Don't Stop
Never Should Have Walked Away
Nice And Slow
Nice And Slow
Nice And Slow - Usher (performed by Craig on Tour - 2000)
No More(Feat. Guru)
Officially Yours
Once in a Lifetime
Once In A Lifetime
One Last Dance
Pass me by
Pass Me By
Please Don't Turn me on
Queen of my Heart
Re-rewind (the Crowd Say bo Selecta)
Rendez Vous
Rendezvous (с аккордами)
Rise And Fall
Rise And Fall (с аккордами)
Rise And Fall
Rise And Fall(feat. Sting
Say The Word
Separate Ways
Seven Days (с аккордами)
Seven Days ( Remix ) Feat. Mos Def
Slicker Than Your Average
Slicker Than Your Average
Smoothed Out
Spanish (с аккордами)
Summer Jam (с переводом)
Take 'em Off
Take 'em Off
The Thong Song
The Thong Song - Sisqo (performed by Craig on Tour - 2000)
Thief In The Night
Time to Party
Time To Party
Two Steps Back
Walking Away
Walking Away (с аккордами)
Walking Away (Ignorants Remix)
Walking Away Remix
Warmness on The Soul
What ya Gonna do
What Ya Gonna Do
What ya Gonna Do(feat. Pete Devereux & Mark Hill
What's Changed (с переводом)
What's Your Flava
What's Your Flava
What's Your Flava (remix)
Woman Trouble
World Filled With Love
World Filled With Love
Wouman Trouble
You Don't Miss Your Water ('til The Day The Well r
You Don't Miss Your Water ('til The Well Runs Dry)
You Know That
You Know What
You Know What