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8 Is Enough
8 Iz Enough
All Around The Hood
Can I Kill It
Compton 4 Life
Compton's Lynchin
Dead Men Tell No Lies
Def Wish
Def Wish II
Driveby Miss Daisy
Duck Sick
Duck Sick Ii
Final Chapter
Front Page
Get Money
Give it Up
Growin Up In The Hood
Hit The Floor (с переводом)
Hood Rat
Hood Took Me Under
I Don't Dance
I Give Up Nuthin
I Gots Ta Get Over
I Mean Biznez
I'm Wit Dat
It's a Compton Thang
Jack Mode
Late Night Hype
Like Me
Mike T's Funky Scratch
N 2 Deep
Niggaz Strugglin
One Time Gaffled 'Em Up
Raised in Compton
Rhymes Too Funky Pt. 1
Some May Know
Straight Check'n em
Then U Gone
They Still Gafflin
This is a Gang
This is Compton
This Is Compton 2000
U's a Bitch
We Made It (с переводом)
Who's Xxxxxxx Who
Who's ____Ing Who_