A Revolutionary Dream
Battle Cry For A Better World
Class Oppression 101
Common Devotion
Convictions Of A Schoolyard Anarchist
Corporate Media Death Squad
Counter Clockwise
Dearest Asshole
Freedom Is Slavery
Friday Night
Heart Strings
Higher Education
I Have No Mouth But I Must Scream
Mamma-Anti Fascisto_ Never Surrender
Melody's Song
Mr. Holland vs. Acceptable Behavior
One Capitalist Always Kills Many (Fat Cats)
One Word
Open Scene, Open Arms_ Your Application Is Denied
Plummet Of The Americas
Prison Of Your Mind
Punk Rock Ruined Our Lives
Right From Birth
Romanticism And The Fat Man
Sexism Is Real_ Wrestling Is Not
Shitting In The Face Of This Western Disgrace
Smells Like Revolutionary Spirit
Summer Of '97
The Anti-Racist Sing-A-Long
The Empire Strikes Iraq
The Great Mall Explosion
Uniqualist Me
Yes, This Is A Guilt Trip