С аккордами

A Dead Poem (с аккордами)
A Dead Poem
A Sorrowfull Farewell
Among Two Storms (с аккордами)
Among Two Storms
Archon (с аккордами)
As If By Magic
Dive The Deepest Abyss
Exiled Archangels
Feast Of The Grand Whore
Fgmenth, Thy Gift
Gloria de Domino Inferni
Hills Of Crucifixion
His Sleeping Majesty
Inside The Eye of Algond
King Of A Stellar War (с аккордами)
Non Serviam
Out Of Spirit
Restoration Of The Infernal Kingdom
Saturn Unlock Aveys Son (с аккордами)
Sorrowful Farewell (с аккордами)
The Coronation of The Serpent
The First Field Of The Battle (с аккордами)
The Forest of N'gai
The Fourth Knight Of Revelation
The Fourth Knight of Revelation (i & Ii)
The Mystical Meeting
The Nereid Of Esgalduin
The Old Coffin Spirit
The Sign Of Evil Existance
The Sign of Evil Existence
The Sixth Communion
Transform All Suffering Into Plagues
Triarchy Of Lost Lovers (с аккордами)
Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers (с аккордами)
Visions of The Dead Lovers