С табами

2 Million Years B.c.
A Bachelor For Baden Powell
A Perfect Day to Drop The Bomb
A Prince in a Pauper's Grave
An All American National Sport
Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
Anytimes Anyplace Anywhere
Being Here
Billy's Smart Circus
Bloodsport For All
Cheer Up, it Might Never Happen
Commercial Fucking Suicide Part i
Crimestoppers A'go go
Do re Me, so Far so Good
Everytime a Churchbell Rings
Falling on a Bruise
G.i. Blues
Good Grief Charlie Brown
Good Grief Charlie Browne (с табами)
Is Wrestling Fixed ?
Lean on me i Won't Fall Over
Lenny And Terence (sexy Daytime Radio Mix)
Look Mum, no Hands !
Mid Day Crisis
Midnight on The Murder Mile
My Second to Last Will And Testament
Say it With Flowers
Sealed With a Glasgow Kiss
Sheriff Fatman
Shoppers' Paradise
Sing Fat Lady Sing
Skywest And Crooked
Spoilsports Personality of The Year
Stuff The Jubilee!
Suicide Isn't Painless
Suppose You Gave a Funeral And Nobody Came
Surfin' Usm
The Final Comedown
The Music That Nobody Likes
The Only Living Boy in New Cross
The Song That Nobody Likes (с табами)
The Taking of Peckham 123
Twenty Four Minutes From Tulse Hill
Under The Thumb And Over The Moon
While You Were Out