Outta the ambilicus moondy
This is lyrical lunacy
For a human being to speak so fluently
Bars of poetry without precedence
Complete par excellence
Listen to the Levitibus testament
To understand me you need help
You gotta see the film "the day after trinity" written by John Else
To understand that you must know thyself
You should keep listening cause Canibus' flow might help


To find the answers that we didn't know
Maybe Edgar Allen Poe's description of El Dorado is not so
See the reason there is no light at the end of the tunnel
Cause we really not in a tunnel we're trapped in a bubble
With government hierarchy, and the dreads of society
Can you explain why you believe hell is fiery?
We suffering from symptoms drapetomania
Slavery isn't over it just took a new alias
The data repository established for the maintenance
Almost turned me into an atheist scared of aliens
Why write lyrics when I can make a better living
Selling freeze-dried venom to wildlife clinics
Cause I hate the thought of being a predictable bore
Once you get used to me you won't love me no more
The final soliloquy of the internal paramour
What are we all to do when rap music is gone?
I hope god and the imagination are one
A golden tongue can achieve synchronicity with the sun
Transcended beyond the flesh and the blood
Cause this is level one after this album my message is done


You can't battle me so you rather embarrass me
I maintain dignity in the face of calamity
They reach out they hand at me and talk dishonestly
But I read through there syntactic structure like Noam Chomsky
A student so overzealous I motivate my trainers
Id rather get some now then get some later
Take a break from writing rhymes on paper
Recondition my character
Change my nature with 7 days of Passover?
Let go of the stress man I was deeply depressed
So famished in fact I needed a rest
To regenerate my mind bless the cornerstone of my rhyme
With corn oil and wine then see the light an illuminous paradigm
It became more apparent with time all I had to do was follow the signs
To be a better man I need help I just gotta find a link between my inner deity and myself

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