[Music: Dave Garcia]
[Lyrics: Sean Peck]

In the early morning when you open up your eyes
Just heed this warning seek the truth behind the lies
They will steal, rape, and murder say it is not their fault
Still you all believe them something is wrong

People today here is the key
Take responsibility for what you do
How did we end up this far from principles on who we are they are askew
Who is next to be victim of society?
Is it you?

How many times do we see people plead insanity
They say they are sick
People can bust or they will vent
They will blame their enviironment
That should do the trick
Who is next to be victim of society?
Is is you?
It is not me!

Now the line is burring between what is right and wrong
Where are the values that we have been taught all along?
Never will we bow before them or give in to such change
the clean hands of righteous soon filled with bloodstrains

The operative word of the day is dysfunctional
Throw it away and face yourself
Lock them up and throw away the key
That would be alright with me and you!
Who is next to be victim of society?
Is is you?
Stop it now

Don't be so quick to blame someone else because
when you look deep inside you will find it is you

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