Know the message of the blessed three given the gift of prophecy of the twentieth
century the virgin Mary gave. One by one the secrets came sworn to be true in god's
name look to the sky the three children claimed and doubt would remain. The secrets
of evil the secrets all evil. They try to hide away the secrets of the future. They hide it all
away from a people gripped in fear they'll take to the grave they never will reveal it.
We never will saved until we finally hear. The third of the secret tells a terrible tale
visions of death and destruction evil prevails. A time will come the say when the faithful
fear no longer. They call it judgment day and they say it is finally here. All of Fatima's
faithful in the crowd. Thousands gathering then a gasping sound I tell you no lie the sun
came alive in the sky witnessed it with my own eyes at precisely the moment the children
had prophesized. Staring at the sun with their naked eyes turning bloody red miracles alive.
Violently spinning around strange colors were bathing the town I thought that the end had
begun as fiery ball unbelievably crashed to he ground. All would hear what the seers
would say but the church hid the secrets away. Number two was revealed too late as a
peaceful world decayed. The warning told of coming genocide and then the rising crimson
tide. It must be stopped and cast aside or all mankind will pay

[Pre-chorus - Chorus]
Final images angel holds a blade penance to the world as a bishop is slain. Our fate
most surely is sealed the third secret finally revealed an impression of horror and pain
a corruption of the divine chaos will reign. Secrets of Fatima.

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