(feat. Billy Cook)
[Billy Cook:]
Oooh, ooh see we networking
C-Note, Botany/B.M.G.
Billy Cook Superstar, ooh we on the Boulevard
Ooh Clover Geez, we got those Nextels chirping
[Hook x2: Billy Cook]
On the Boulevard, hurting
Clover Geez, got them Nextels chirping
We steady, twisting up purp'n
Everybody. networking
On the Boulevard hurting, for certain
Clover Geez, got the block on lock networking
Got the Nextel chirping, they know me in your city
Every nigga in the hood, sitting foreign some'ing pretty
I come through run through, run like I'm V-Dub
The second half of the game, but I ain't done
Keep rising to the top, till I'm number one
Networking on the block, till the sun come
If it's money to be made, I'ma go get it
Sometime the Penitentiary chances, gotta come with it
And the spot won't stop, it just keep rocking
Like A Spike Lee joint, we just keep clocking
Networking, like CNN
And my boys in Cashville, like to get it for ten
Like my nigga Young Buck, they done let me in
I'ma make it hard to breathe, you need oxygen
[Hook x2]
Who you messing with homie, I keep them shooters
Even though I network, like Bill Gates computers
On the block with lugers, politicians and pimps
The Scarface on the block, wrote the name on a blimp
Fuck these niggaz be shrimp, cause nigga I be a shark
Still survival of the fittest, on the streets of South Park
Don't get caught in the dark, the pitbulls they bark
Don't let me catch you round here, cause it's lead they spark
Yo them niggaz is marks, and they fall like snow
Network on laptops, in a candy G4
E-mails females, cell phones and faxes
Yeah you niggaz, couldn't pay off my luxury taxes
I'm a baller in the streets, mayn I'm out here hurting
Blowing trees making G's, steady sipping that purp'n
Steady sipping that yurp'n, yeah you know how it go
Nigga flyer than 3-60's, when I walk in the do'
[Hook x2]
Escallade got the wheels, looking big as me
Cause a nigga network, like AT&T
All my niggaz on the block, call me Ceaser Lee
Cause I move big cheese, that amount to G's
Blowing purple trees, shows overseas
Either selling LP's, to the young Chinese
And I sting like bees, and don't make me swarm ya
Cause a nigga got them tools, that do more than harm ya
All I do is warn ya, 'fore somebody get hurt
And everybody in your hood, have they face on your shirt
Six feet in the dirt, your whole crew get merked
I'ma show you, how them Botany Big Shots network
I'll raise they skirts, niggaz think that I'm playing
From Kansas City to Watts, them niggaz know what I'm saying
Them SK's be spraying, till somebody get hit
And we don't talk to police, so ain't nobody seen shit
[Hook x2]
[Billy Cook:]
Everybody networking, C-Note/Botany
Clover Geez, Billy Cook/ B.M.G. hey

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