(feat. Lil' Keke, Yukmouth)
[Verse 1: C-Bo]
What? yeah it's war now this is what we call war
You either respect us ride wit us slide with us
Nigga anything else is obsolete regime life bitch
No love for them bitch niggas that wanna see me under
That's why I step in the car with my forty four
Revolver thunderrrrrrrr I bang them like war missles
Leaving nothing but brain thizzles close range
But slug no pistol got off like king kong
Pushing more cream than ding dongs got the whole city lock
And I'm dropping more kicks than wing chong
If it's a muder yea I knew it if it's personal I do it
You can't fuck with me loc I even had red rags to it
You get choke innocent by standards get smoked
Why you think I stay in a vest nigga this is west coast
The best coast with that sunshine and that ass tagging
top down in a 64 with the ass dragging
I'm a menace and I'm in it for it all like I told
Lil keke and yuk I'm in this to ball
Fuck ya'll nigga to witness this is westside
Troops got a whole crew red and blue and I send them
Straight to you
[Chorus: x2]
It's war fuck your enemies on site, we smash
Do this shit like Biggie and 'Pac on site, we blast
This is the west you gone die soon
It's def when you slide to 10 G'z for your head
Nigga that don't mean shit to a tycoon
[Verse 2: Lil' Keke]
You niggas want war get war dink chore as I cock the heat
And proceed to split yours niggas talk a lot of shit
But they don't really want beef
Known dam well when I slide by hit them wit heat
If it's on then it's on nigga then let it be
I be patrolling your hood with archiball reef
Ready for war thug lord said it before when shit get hot we blow the spot
We see door we take action let's get it cracking
Pistol packing thought you was smacking
Shoot your muthafucking back when my niggas
When my niggas talking shit my niggas popping shit
And no time for talking bitch is dropping clips
Ain't no love nigga live from the west you best sleep
With a gun and a vest in your nest I ain't going
Out with a fucking slug in my chest I bomb personal muthafuckas
Throw them label them a threat it's war
[Verse 3: Yukmouth]
Thug lord this is the high to pack a lighter tommy side of drama
Fuckig timer I eat these niggas alive like jeffery rama
Phantom of the opera feds be chopper copper fuck the monster
Copper thug lord period niggas want war bust yours if your
Serious our niggas is furious I got the hard core fearing this
Rugged and raw lyricist carried this by the killing shit
My blast will leave niggas crying that how real this is
They feeling this menace the nemisis they break bitch ass niggas
Vacate the premisis kill they protective witnesses
My niggas straight business with a hundred rounds of ak
Say say everyday raw going down like may day
Major gun play I'm a no limit solder be the roller
Heat holder talking practice on a master pee poster bitch

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