The way u always make me look at you,
With all the simple things you sed.
The way so many things surrounded you,
And all the tears it seemed to make.
Now am falling..
Theres nothing left to say.
And i cant brake free,not from anything.

I can't breath without you
Well,I can't breath without you
I can't breath without you
Without you, without you, without you

The way i thought I'd leave this place,
The way u made it seem so real.
'Cos you had faith and you have everything,
And all I needed was this.
And now I'm falling, I've got nothing left to say,
And i can't break free, not from anything

repeat once

And how can I let you leave this way,
The way that u are not at all.
And i see things now in these memories,
Just to see you....again.

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