right now, it's time to put your name on the line. you've wanted you've waited for it all this time. they've set your price, will you sell. or can you hold on to this when there's nothing else. inside, you know this is life. depression, passion, leaving love behind. don't lie to yourself. you've got to think of all the reasons that you're doing fine. you'll sign and then you'll sing. they'll market everything. poison everything you love. sell it to the one's you hate. you'll sign and then you'll scream. remember everything. the only thing you love. and the job it just became. you're all a part of the scenery to me. open, you've got to open your eyes. it's money that they're driven by. when you are thrown up against the wall. will they follow you or will you fall. inside, will you survive. your passion, depression, all you left behind. no need to fight, this is only your life. just close your eyes and hope it turns out right

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