Everyone take your places
We're fucking it I'm going crazy
Another down which way to roll, and you know
We're takin' it?go on..

Stoned baby loves to go ridin'
She likes it 'cause she's sick in the head
Lights down music loud and you know
We're makin' it?oh yeah

We're going ridin'
We're gonna find a way
We're going ridin'
And when the fear has left you'll put one down and go on

Phat like a fiend on a payday
The crazy days are takin' me down
And if you think the road's a bore
Well you know, you're faking it?go on

You're so upset but complacent
I know a place that you oughta go
Calvin's in the back, your face in my lap and let's roll


All the way from the west side of town
We get up and we never come down
Got the juice and we're loose
'Cause we want to get wasted

Alright alright oh yeah

Fucked from the left side down
Mom and dad are out of town
You know they don't like it
When you're stoned


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