I'm on a plane with cocaine
And yes I'm all lit up again
Cough up love and touch up
Your mama said packing lines is sin

And yes I'm all lit up again
On the couch, in my bed
And yes, I 'm all lit up again
Flying...I love the cocaine
I love the cocaine
Mama can't you wait, mama can't you wait

I'm on a train, and right on
You know the train is staying off the track
I'm in touch from this crutch
Your at ten but money I'm on eleven


Crack the door for the curious girl
cause she's waiting
She's been waiting
Chop a line for the fiending man
cause he wants one
Can you feel it can you feel it
tonight are you high
Tell me are you fucking high
In the moment you are just so right
are you right love

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