С переводом

'til I Die
Add Some Music To Your Day
All Summer Long
Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long
Back Home
Be My Baby
Brian Wilson
Cabin Essence
California Girls
Caroline, No
Child Is Father Of The Man
Concert Tonite
Country Feelin'
Do It Again
Do You Have Any Regrets
Don't Let Her Know She's An Angel
Don't Worry Baby
Dream Angel
God Only Knows
Good Vibrations
Happy Days
Heroes And Villains
Hold Back Time
I Get Around
In Blue Hawaii
In My Room
Keep An Eye On Summer
Kiss Me Baby
Lay Down Burden
Let Him Run Wild
Let It Shine
Let The Wind Blow
Let's Do It Again
Let's Go Away For Awhile
Let's Stick Together
Little Children
Love And Mercy
Love Ya (с переводом)
Meant For You
Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight
Melt Away
Movies Is Magic
Mrs. O'leary's Cow
My Hobo Heart
My Jeanine
Night Time
On A Holiday
One For The Boys
Orange Crate Art
Palm Tree And Moon
Pet Sounds
Please Let Me Wonder
Rainbow Eyes
Rio Grande
Roll Plymouth Rock
San Francisco
Save The Day
She Says She Needs Me
Smart Girls
Someone To Love
Song For Children
South American
Spirit Of Rock'n'roll
Still I Dream Of It
Summer In Monterey
Surf's Up
Surfer Girl
The First Time
The Little Girl I Once Knew
The Warmth Of The Sun
There's So Many
This Town Goes Down At Sunset
This Whole World
Walkin' The Line
Water Builds Up
Where Has Love Been_
Wind Chimes
Your Imagination