I'm so hungry
I can hardly think
I'm so hungry
Never mind the drinks
I live upon the boulevard
I live a life that's very hard
Won't someone, some kind soul, help me out?
refrain (sung twice each time)
(Lauren & Carl)
J'ai faim, toujours
Toujours, J'ai faim
I'm hungry
Lauren: Sometimes kind men
Carl: Sometimes kind men
L: Frequent these cafes
C: Frequent these cafes
L: Only blind men
C: Only blind men
L: Don't pause to appraise
C: Don't pause to appraise
L: I love to drink cold Allgote
I'd love to sample cuisines haute
Here I beg on the Rue Pigalle
L & C: Yes my hunger, is a shameful fact
And I want more than a snack
Maybe I'll kiss you, for a while
if you'll feed me, in high style
L: Aren't you hungry C: Aren't you hungry
L: For my company? C: For my company?
L: Aren't you hungry? C: Aren't you hungry?
L: So let's go to eat C: So let's go to eat
A life of struggle, I call mine
But we'll have fun, please pass the wine
Won't you please, take a chance on me?

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