What a scene when the planes came down, man,
O what a scene. I'm addicted, It's hard; I'm freaking out but it grabs hard.
Hell of a time, 10,000 ways to cry, only just dawned, they've been together far too long

When there's an eye for an eye in the USA
When it's an eye in the storm of the world
When there's a human bomb smiling down in Dar al-Harb,
And there's a veil cross the face of his girl...
And when Mohamed Atta's staring through your window,
Though you're working on the 99th floor
And when the Boeing 757 which comes to collect you
Shows you other ways to leave besides the door...
There's a cheering crowd down in Palestine,
There's a liberal saying that's just fine,
No way did America have it coming, though I guess it was coming anyway

Nero's people don't deserve Nero's fate,
Hitler's people don't deserve Hitler's fate,
Don't tar Americans all with the same brush,

If you're British in the bedroom
And you're American at the dance,
Franco-German in the kitchen
European in your pants.
You and I make love
They wonder why
Only mistrust
As all this crumbles into dust
As they dissolve as zombies must
When life's a hobby,
Soon you're busting your balls
For someone else's Roman walls
Can you climb?
To reach that garden out of reach
Too soon you see that life's a beach...

But it's a distance thing when you talk to the wall,
A distance thing when you talk to the walk,
A distance thing: C'mon talk to the walk.
Then you're talk-talk-talk-talk-talking to talk

Me, I'm peeping through a telescope picking out Uranus...

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