(feat. Erick Sermon, Keith Murray, Redman, Two To Da Head)
[Verse One: Erick Sermon]
It's Kenny, and Erick Sermon
Give me room I'm the mack-tastic, theatrical
Dramatical, bringing pain plus working chains
Hey, it's Erick Sermon with the umm my sound is high bias
Not on Def Squad I wouldn't try this
Check the mixes my style is wicked like three 6's
Harmony stacked vocals on Boyz II Men spinnin
like the wheels, on my black 500 S
TV's in the headrest, who flex the best?
No question, I'm the nuh, believe what you heard
I shut down dig and vibe in boy that's my word
My style, is all the way live
And Billy Dee love it like it's Colt .45, vibe
[Verse Two: Keith Murray]
Now you can On a Bended Knee to the End of the Road
Luxurious glorious punks vibe all in your soul
And I ain't even gotta talk about how I'm livin
With E.D. and Boyz II Men, turnin little girls to women
From the mental to the physical, I get in you
Let's keep it real and bring your homegirls for the Def Squad crew
I been all around the world, what battle me?
Take this autograph home and give it to your family
It's a shame the way I trap rappers up in my brain
And drive em all Batty, like Bruce Wayne
I be spackling and tackling
MC's to the mat like world wrestling, just vibing
[Chorus: Boyz II Men]
Every-thing's fine
It ain't nothing to it, cause we're gonna do it all
But all we do is
We're just, vibin, you know it
Dancin the night away
We're just, vibin
Nonstop until the break of day
[Verse Three: Redman]
Jumpin jehosa, I roast a, toughest MC
You're coming closer, to getting blown, effin with these
I freak the funk styles major, my neighbors complain
about the vapors and the capers, and murder your brain
The hot rocker, the shocker of the, 40's and vodka
The Phantom of the Opera give you, one beat to rock ta
Plus my poppa, threw me out when I was young
Now I'm a Boy II Man run with the with the Boyz and plan
with a, new toy in hand, mics I get freaky like a
Dean it don't matter what the size of the arena
Kenny Smoove, drop it on the one while I bust
Any MC that think they running with us
[Verse Four: Two To Da Head]
Bust it, it be the Boyz II the Men, with the Two To Da Head
Coming through with Ed sticking victims through their necks
to be down On Bended Knee, and caught up in the vibe
Honey I get you wet until your Water Runs Dry
And once I hear the bum-baada, umm-dada
Original problem child, I betta holla
For some mo', while I headline the freak show
And get you vibin from here, to the End of the Road
You bust a U-turn cause it's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday
It's more rotten baby
Droppin Sermons like Erick for all the lost souls that perished
Big up to Most Beautifullest and the Funkadelic

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