V1 (Krazy)
From the moment that I saw u that nite
Only thing that kept me going wos your vibe
One of those shows that didn't seem to go rite
Pointed you out, told u to meet me at stage side

I would have paid just to come and see u, the way u dance, laugh, the way that u move
Got one of me, need a poster of you,
You're the girl that puts the picture in my mind

Guess you don't understand - ill b your biggest fan
When I get off the stage tonite, I wanna be your man
Now thank you for wantin me, but I need you in my life...
If this nite goes the way that I planned, I'll be your biggest fan

At the signing u wos no where to be seen
And now I wanna see you more than you came to see me
I'm getting nervous, will I find the words to say
Now aint it funny it should be the other way

(Sing Bridge and Chorus)

V3 (Rocky B and Krazy)
Front row the rock spots a chick - that don't want his dough -but still loves his hits
That's the way to go, if I wos poor or rich she wouldn't let me go cause this chick is so damn ghetto
She wants to chill and roll wiv me backstage and when it comes to blazin she can blaze all day
She wants him for the many years not the status that comes along wiv bein famous

V4 (Flava)
Hold up, yo, let me break this down
With only 8 bars its so hard 2 take the crown
I've been wotchin ur style girl, its been a while since I seen ya at the show
Cant w8 to meet ya and treat ya good, do everyfin I should
Need ur flava so bad, got me touchin wood
We could blaze it – rearrange it – turn the pages
And if we meet again I'll forget about the wages

(Sing Chorus x2)

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