I feel the pain blessed is the touch on my face
I can see what you want me to see
This velvet jail has bound me
and now surrounds me
I feel your temptation
awaiting for salvation

Blaspheming, forgiveness,
You'll find no sanctuary here
Deceptions entwining your realm
Your demons, suspicions, familiar yet they're so estranged
You're haunted by your own regrets

It's drowning me, I can't escape
Enslaved it's too late
Breathe near me
Just enough to catch my breath
You stare in your denial
Why don't you just set me free
I wish for temptation
Still waiting for salvation



I feel no pain
Your shame will leave
no scars on my face
I have seen nothing that you wanted
Ilusions I've created
that now surround you
You feel my temptation
There will be no salvation


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