Everything is still
Not a chicken not a body
Just an awful sickenin' silence roarin' in my brain
And the fog of death deepens and lies upon the land
An ould wan rolls over on her back
The grass stains still green upon her chin
I can sill hear her keenin' and screamin' in the wind

There's no love left on earth
And God is dead in heaven
In these dark and deadly days of Black 47

God's curse upon you Lord Trevelyan
May your great Queen Victoria rot in hell
'Til England and its Empire
Answer under heaven
For the crimes they committed in Black 47

Paudie said "c'mon now
Don't look back, she's not livin', she's a phantom
And she'll curse us if we look into her eyes"
Oh God, I think I'm dyin' - the fever's in my brain
For can't you see that pack of children up ahead
The beards of old men sproutin' from their chins
Can't you hear their screams of hunger in the wind

Darlin' Paudie save me
I think I'm sinkin' fast, me blood is boilin'
Don't let me die here in a ditch
If the hunger doesn't get me - the fever surely will
Paudie took me up and threw me 'cross his shoulder
He nursed me everyday 'til we reached Amerikay
Screamin' and shoutin' like two madmen in the wind

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