40 Shades Of Blue
American Wake
Black 47
Black Rose
Blood Wedding
Bobby Sands Mp
Brooklyn Girls
Brooklyn, Goodbye
Danny Boy
Different Drummer
Fanatic Heart
Fiona's Song
Fire Of Freedom
Five Points
Funky CeÍLÍ (Bridie's Song)
Funky Ceili (kay-lee) Bridie's Song
Go Home Paddy
Green Suede Shoes
Her Dear Old Donegal
James Connolly
Livin' In America
Losin' It
Maria's Wedding
My Love Is In New York
New York Town
New York, New York 10009
Oh Maureen
On The Banks Of The Hudson
Orphan Of The Storm
Our Lady of The Bronx
Paul Robeson (Born To Be Free)
Road To Ruin
Rockin' The Bronx
Sam Hall
San Patricio Brigade
Staten Island Baby
The Big Fellah
Time To Go
To Late To Turn Back
Vinegar Hill
Voodoo City
Walk All The Days (Black 47 Version)
Who Killed Bobby Fuller_
Wonderful Life