(Can't Stop) Got A Little Rock In My Shoe
Always Wondering Bout You Babe
Are You With Me Baby
Believe What You Say
Can't Get Over You
Didn't Start Livin'
Don't Say No
Gettin' Back (To You And Me)
Gimme You
Going To A Party
Gone Again
Highway Of Love
Honey Hush
I Don't Know Why
I Don't Wanna Know
I Miss You Darling
I'm Getting Wasted Doing Nothing
In Just A Heartbeat
Just My Love
Let The New Love Begin
Life And Death
Love Ain't Easy
Love Me Back
Oh, Susan
One Night
Riff Raft Man
Rockin' La
Rockin' With Somebody New
Sittin' On Ready
Take You Around The World (In My Arms)
Tear It Up
The Bigger The Love (The Harder The Fall)
The Edge Of Love
The Last War Song
To Get Next To You
Too Bad I Missed You
Too Much Information
Twenty Years Ago, Today
What A Woman Feels
Whatcha Gonna Do When The Sun Goes Down