(Darryl Cherney/Judi Bari)
Peggy Sue
Got pregnant
And was addicted to fifteen drugs
She went down
To the abortion clinic
And was accosted
By right wing thugs

Oh will the fetus
Be aborted
By and by Lord
By and by
There's a better
Home awaiting
In the sky Lord
In the sky

Little Mary
Was just eleven
And she was raped
By her own dad
Danny Quayle said
"Have that baby"
But another choice
She said


Annie's pregnancy
Would kill her
Doctor'rs warning
Gave her strife
Said "Jesus take her"
She said, "I want
My right to life"


Kathy had two
Kids already
And an abortion
Is what she chose
Christian showed her
A bloody fetus
She said "That's fine
I'll have one of those."


Tanya lived for
Wanted to overthrow
The state
She had fifteen
Commie babies
Phylis Schlafly
Ain't that great?

Or will the fetus
Be aborted...

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