Unread reasoning stands on our heads
A red motivation has white virtues

But the mind and its sensibilities
Are not fitting comfortably in the skin
Do we retaliate or wait
Shall we send our sons away
Or just ignore this quick disguise
And hate most radiantly
Bare weakness to all things that we believe
Foundations can be shaken
Till' windows break
And soon your house falls down
Let it go let it go let it go, take no more

It's easy to find shelter in anger
In accordance with destructive expression
Obviously still learning
Take time, take reasoning, take anything
Till' you're completely qualified to think
Let better light lead

We should be wiser than our fathers
We should be learning from our history
So have we questioned our first response
And have we wiped all of the stains off of our hearts

Bare weakness, bear sorrow, bare true humility
For the best indure in peace.

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