I thought I told you everything
You needed, needed to know
I thought I gave you everything
And then you, you decided to go

Oooh, you know I understand
Child I love you with an open hand
If you should ever need me,
You know where I am

I've got room, plenty of room
Never lonely again
Just open my door, come on in
Cause I got room, plenty of room
You'll never be lonely again
Open my door, come on in
Cause I got room

Don't you know I love you child
Wherever, wherever you roam on your own
Lord knows it gets cold outside
And if you, you should want to come home
Come on home

You know I don't lie
Should the world outside make you wanna cry
Don't you be shy darling
Why don't you come on by
Cause I got room


Oh right now would be a good time to find
That you have walked into my room
Any time is a good time, baby
It ain't never too late, baby, never too soon
Love, is all I wanna give
I wish I knew what you were gonna do
And ain't no one in the world, boy
But me and you, you know that its true
Sit down at my table
Til your spirit is fed
Lay your burdens by the fire
Rest your worries in my bed
I'll never leave you lonely, oh boy
Now don't you hear what I say
Lord, I got room


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