С табами

A Mindless Pop Song
A Place Of Her Own
Ashes Of My Heart
Bad Girl
Battle Hymn Of The Repugnant
Beast Within
Beautiful Bonfire
Every Poet Wants To Murder Shakespeare
Faces In Picasso's Notebook
Failing With The Best Intentions
Feed You To The Sharks
Feeling Your Head Against The Wall
From Ragtime To Rags
I Been Walkin'
It's Over Now
Its Over Now (с табами)
Its Over Now
Little Disasters
Man Underwater
Me And My Near-Blind Hindsight
New Guitar
No Distractions
Not Dead Yet
One Perfect Moment
Out Of Tune Song
Over My Shoulder
Reaching For Shadows
Reinventing The Wheel
Rubber Cement Man
Sammy The Dog Has Learned To Play Trombone
Shades Of Grey
Squeezing The Puzzle Together
Statue By My Phone
Swallowing Fire
The Mask Of Mona Lisa
The Master Thief Has Been Murdered
The Secret Of Television
Til The Cup is Broke (с табами)
Til The Cup Is Broke
Trying To Prove The Earth Is Flat
Which Piece Is Missing