100 Miles
Bad Company
Bad Company (с табами)
Bad Company (с аккордами)
Bad Man
Both Feet In The Water
Boys Cry Tough
Burnin Sky (с аккордами)
Burning Up
Can't Get Enough
Cant Get Enough (с табами)
Cant Get Enough (с аккордами)
Crazy Circles
Dangerous Age
Dead of The Night
Dirty Boy
Downhill Ryder
Early In The Morning
Electric Land
Evil Wind
Fame And Fortune
Feel Like Makin Love (с аккордами)
Feel Like Making Love
Feel Like Making Love (с табами)
Feel Like Making Love (с аккордами)
Gone Gone Gone
Heartbeat (с переводом)
Here Comes Trouble
Hold On My Heart
Holy Water
How About That
I Can't Live Without You
If I'm Sleeping
If You Needed Somebody
Lay Your Love on me
Leaving You
Little Angel
Long Walk
Love Attack
Movin on (с аккордами)
Movin on (с табами)
My Only One
Never Too Late
No Smoke Without a Fire
One Night
Ready For Love (с табами) (с переводом)
Ready For Love (с аккордами)
Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy
Rock of America
Rock Steady
Rock Steady (с табами)
Seagull (с табами)
Shake it up
Shooting Star
Shooting Star (с табами)
Shooting Star (с аккордами)
Something About You
Stranger Stranger
Stranger Than Fiction
Take This Town
Tell it Like it is
That Girl
The Way That it Goes
This Could be The One
This Love
Walk Through Fire
What About You
When we Made Love
With You in a Heartbeat