С аккордами

A Song For The Outcast
Backstabber (с аккордами)
Bad To The Bone
Be Myself And I
Blitzkrieg Loveshock
Bombed (Out Of My Mind)
Brand New Hate
Brand New Hate (с аккордами)
Cant Find The Door (с аккордами)
Cockblocker Blues
Diesel And Power
Dysfunctional Professional
Dysfunctional Proffesional
Earn The Crown
Electric Suzy
Everybody Ready
Ex Files
Ex Files (с аккордами)
Fill Up This Bad Machine
Fly Like A Little...
Get Dead
Ghetto you
Gotta Go!
Heaven 2. 9
Heaven In Hell
Hey, I'M Sorry
Highlights (с аккордами)
I Got Spades
I Love To Roll
I Love To Roll (с аккордами)
Jucy Lucy
Kickin' Up Dust
Kids Are Right
Let'S Go To Hell
Like A Child
Look At You
Look At You (с аккордами)
Made Me Madman
Made Me Madman (с аккордами)
Minus Celsius
My Demonic Side
One Sound
Payback (с аккордами)
People Like People Like People Like Us
Pet Sematary (с аккордами)
Pet Semetary (с аккордами)
Pigs For Swine
Robber Of Life
Say When
Should I Be Damned
Shut The Fuck Up
Smell The Magic
Something To Swallow
Spotlight The Sun
Star War
Strange Kind Of Attitude
Subculture Hero
The Clash
The Kids Are Right
The Mess Age (How Could I Be So Wrong)
Too Tough To Make Some Friends
U.F.O. Romeo
We Go A Long Way Back
Wild Dog
Year By Year
You Tell Me You Love Me You Lie