Ooohh....yea uh...
I love you..
Check this out..

From day one, You and i've been friends,
Hanging out,Having Fun, chillin..
Now I know at times i got crazy, silly ways, and
Acting shady...ha..check this out...
You see things in me no one sees
You hold down for she-ezy...
Now, i had friends i thought were true,
But no one more true than you,
So..What am i gonna do???

It took a while for me to see how special you've
Treated me...

Maybe thats the reason why i love you,
Youre my heart, girl
And with all the crazy things that i do
Youre still here, girl
No one else can make me feel like you do,
You share my world..
Baby thats the reason why i love you.

No other girl is quite like you...
And no one has my back like you do,
Girl youre one of a kind and you blow my

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