Yo, its alright girl
I understand how you feel
You aint gotta lie to yourself
Its easy to see

Verse 1
Baby its official
Im tired of lookin at you out my window
I peep you when youre comin home
from work
wit your high heels on
oo you the bomb
girl you got it goin on
its crazy
Im tired of teelin people im yo homie
like they dont know that you really want me
Girl I Know its wrong
Im feelin you strong
Why dont you just put me on

When youre lovin me
When youre touchin me
its like ecstacy
to the tenth degree
girl I think you got me sprung
But Im not number 1
Im too young 4 u
but not young enough
2 do what I do
now aint that the truth
girl I think you got me sprung
But Im not number 1 no

Verse 2
Girl u see i need you
I know youre mad at how your man treat you
Like he cant do it 4 u
like i do
You claim you wanna leave
so give em back his keys
girl come and roll wit me
Its simple
If you dont wanna be with shorty no more
then turn around and walk into
my house doors
its opened 4 u
and tell him that youre threw


keep it real with me(dont try to play me girl)
o can you tell me
whats he got on me
Is it anything or tears
Or are you afraid that i will win u

Chorus till fade

Given by your girl Jessica from the Chi
aka lil Omarion (dont hate bitches)

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