It’s Lil’ Fizz
With my cousin Jhene
This is incredible right here

When your with me
Oh I can't believe it
How you got me
The way you got me
I don't know
Keep sneakin
I be beepin
Why you think that your sneakin on the low

I ain’t gonna trip
Or act a fool
When you get home late at night
Cause it ain’t no reason for me to blow my cool
As long as you make it there alright
The ladies keep staring
Boy you know I ain’t caring
And it doesn't make a difference to me
If you want to be sneaky I'll be sneaky too
Cause I ain't the type that’s going to be chasing after you
Your so

Chorus - repeat

Wanna be all up in your face
Like the other girl may do
I don’t really even care what the others say
As long as you can come and chill with your boo
You keep on flirtin (flirtin)
And I know one thing for certain
That you’ll be coming back to me
When its all said and done
I know I’ll be number one
But until then keep on creepin having fun
Your so

Chorus - repeat

Boy you think that you so slick
And I’m loving every little bit of it
Don't really matter that much to me
You can do what you please (do what you please)
Keep it moving
I see what you doing
Don't change your personality
You can be who you wanna be

Well, no need for an introduction
Its your 10 o’clock breaking news interruption
Lil’ Fizz has girl hearts hard to function
Thats right
Its crazy how I keep these hearts pumpin
In the game a year
I’m already a commodity
No space in my bed<
But yall can follow me
I’m just
Too hot to touch
Too hot to hold
Still trying to sneaky shorty behind the bungaloo

Chorus - repeat

Why you think that your sneaking
Why you think that your creeping
Why you think that your sneaking

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