girl why do you got that look on your face
time is now girl i don't want to waste
U shocked my eye when U stepped in the place
i wanna get with that baby
now there's no way i can let...
let U get past me now baby
i've scoped U girl now you're mine
it's time to let, let U shine all night baby
love girl let me take you out
shot U around my town
look at them starin' at U baby
tinight girl you deserve some wine
here's to you being so fly
let me just let U shine now lady
girl why do you got an empty glass in your hand
you got your girls but do you have a man?
i feel your vibe U look so good i can't stand
to look your way baby
tip the cup back long legs bare breasted
the type of body that got my mind manifested
lyrical potion took me at the glance when
i see you dance
highlights from the light from the back
i like the way you make me feel
got that sex appeal
so swing it over this way tonight
i wanna make a long stay

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