She's the wildest hon in the wild kingdom
She's the wildest thang to float down
Well there's alligators and razorbacks,
But I don't care, I like to go down tubin' with you, Junebug
When Junebug floats dow n and yells "Hey!"
Even the razorbacks get outta her way
Ya know what I mean?

The mouth of the river is laughing at us, Junebug,
You know wh at I'm talking about
Junebug, Junebug, Junebug, Junebug

On the wildes t run in the wild kingdom,
She's the wildest thang to float down!
Well there's snakes and snappers on cypress knees,
So come on down, I like to play in the water with you, Junebug
Well don't you listen to what they say,
'Cause we're a little different anyway.
Ain't it the truth!

Let 's glide behind a wall of vegetation; no prying eyes on
A love celebrati on!
Let's glide behind that wall of vegetation,
I don't want no prying eyes when I give you a love sensation!
The mouth of the river is laughin g at us, Junebug, Junebug.

Hey there Junebug, you sure look good danci ng in the mud...
In the red mud!
Mosquitoes and water moccasins, 'gator s and crocodiles
June's imagination really drives me wild!

GO Girl GO Girl GO Girl GO!
Let's get in the mud, I think I'm in love!
Junebug! GO GO GO Junebug GO GO GO Junebug!

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