С переводом

All i Need is Everything
Autumn Flower
Back on Board
Back To The One
Backward And Forwards
Backwards And Forwards
Beautiful Girl
Belle Of The Ball
Bigger Brighter Better
Black Lucia
Deep & Wide & Tall
Deep & Wide & Tall
Down The Dip
Dream Sweet Dreams
Everybody is a Number One
Get Outta London
Good Morning Britain
Good Morning, Britain (with Mick Jones)
Head is Happy (heart's Insane)
Here Comes The Ocean
How it is
How Men Are
Hymn To Grace
Just Like The Usa
Killermont Street
Let Your Love Decide
Lost Outside The Tunnel
Method Of Love
More Than a Law
Notting Hill Blues
On The Avenue
One And One (с переводом)
Orchid Girl
Over my Head
Phenomenal World
Pianos And Clocks
Pillar to Post
Queen's Tattoos
Rainy Season
Reason For Living
River Of Brightness
Safe In Sorrow
Sister Ann
Sister Shadow
So i Close my Eyes And Make a Wish
Somewhere in my Heart
Song For a Friend
Spanish Horses
Still on Fire
The Back Door to Heaven
The Birth of The True
The Boy Wonders
The Bugle Sounds Again
The Crying Scene
The Gentle Kind
The North Star
Valium Summer
Walk Out to Winter
We Could Send Letters
Working in a Goldmine