The wind calls your name forever
blowing away days together
I'm only a child butt I feel
like I will die tomorrow.
Something's wrong with me
I see you every where
and all the things you said to me
now are burning in my head.
When I walk so lonely
our pleasure is only a dream
I can't think about you anymore
I think all my life's been wasted.
We are in different plains
the sky is turning red
I'm always on the road and I don't
know the city where I'll stay
something's wrong...
Through time nd space
you are in me, girl
you are always in my dreams
of love, peace and joy.
We touch our seventh heaven
but nothing
lasts forever
maybe you'll fly free someday.
Can't live without love
My life's been wasted
now you've got the chance to change your life
Stormy weather
I can't find any place to go
My eyes can't see you
but it seems like you are everywhere.

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