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Wilson Meredith
Till There Was You
Wilson Phillips
Next to You (Someday I'll Be), A Reason to Believe, All The Way From New York, Already Gone, California, Daniel, Doctor My Eyes, Don't Take me Down, Dream is St...
Wilson Pickett
In the Midnight Hour, 634-5789, 634-5789 (soulsville, U.s.a.), Dont Knock my Love (part 1), Dont Let The Green Grass Fool You, Engine Number 9, Everybody Needs...
Wind Of The Black Mountains
Adversary (Taste Of Forsaken Desire), An Autumn Evening (Darkness Crave), Forcefed Into Blasphemy, The Rite Of Darkness, The Shadow (Hill Of The Horned Goat)
Windham hell
Clear blue plastique, Corporal compendia, Excarnation, Faces of carnage, Paste human, Sacromonte (popocatepetl), Spiritual bleeding (faces ii), The rain, Wrappe...
1184, Arntor, Ein Windir, Black New Age, Blodssvik, Dance Of Mortal Lust, Dauden, Despot, Destroy, Det Som Var Haukareid, Fagning, Heidra, I Ei Krystallnatt, J...
A Moment For Reflection, An Eternity Of Dreams, Beyond Fate, Bloodstained And Sworn, Continuance, Existence, In All Reflections, Inception Perspective, Infinity...
Windsor Drive
Daughter Of The Sun, Like So Many Times Before, Monotone Epilogue Of Brilliance, My Beautiful Sorrow, My One Request, Slow Down, Stop Today Or Kill Me Tonight, ...
Baptized by Fire, Best be Makin' Your Move, Blind Revolution Mad, Can't Get Enuff, Down Incognito, Easy Come Easy go, Hangin' on, Headed For a Heartbreak, Highe...
I've Had Enough, 3 Legs, A Fine Day, Another Day, Average Person, Baby's Request, Band on The Run, Band on The Run, Beware My Love, Bip Bop Link, Bluebird, Brow...
Wink Martindale
1849, Deck of Cards, Hats Off to The Stranger, I Just Wanna be Your Friend, My Boo, One Fine Morning, Sunny Daysl, Take it Slow Out in The Country
Whatca Gonna Do
Blackwhole, Destiny, Eternal frost, Goden, Into darkness, Servants of the warsmen, Oppression, Power And Might
Winter Roberts
Have A Nice Day Now, Head In Your Cloud, Sha La La La In My Life
Winter Solstice
A Good Dead Done, Bringing A Knife To A Gun Fight, Calibrate The Virus, Coming Of A New Day, Courtesy Bow, Following Caligula, L'aeroport, Malice In Wonderland,...
Winter Terry
Summer Holiday, You'll Notice me
Winter's Bane
Blink Of An Eye, Cleansing Mother, Haunted House, Heart Of A Killer, Horror Glances, Night Shade, Reflections Within, The Silhouette, Wages Of Sin, Winter's Ban...
Can't Sit Still, Fall Apart, Hard To Be Cool, Roygbiv, So Long, Tomb, Too Late, Ulysses, Waste Of Time, When I Wake Up
Driven By Insanity, From Heaven To Hell, Mystery Of Life, Sky Travelers, The Water Spirit, Valley Of The Lost, Victory, Winterlong, Written In Blood
A Long Flight, Ambulance, Assembly Lines, Avalanche, Caliber, Danse Macabre, Faithful Guide, Fog, Insomnia, Jaws Of Life, Lipstick, Listen [Listen, Listen], Mi...
Battle Against Time, Beautiful Death, Beyond The Dark Sun, Death And The Healing, Sadness And Hate, Sleeping Stars, Starchild, Winter Madness
Against The Wall, Anytime You Find, D7, Dont Know What I Am, Doom Town, Image Of Man, Is This Real, Land Of The Lost, Lets Go Away, Messenger, Misleading, Moon ...
Wir Sind Helden
Guten Tag (English), Alphamännchen, Aurélie, Ausser dir, Bist du nicht müde, Darf ich das behalten, Denkmal, Die Nacht, Die Zeit Heilt Alle Wunder, Du Erkennst ...
Outdoor Miner, Three Girl Rhumba
Wired All Wrong
After All, Elevatin', End Of All Things, Fifteen Minutes, Let Me Go, Lost Angeles, Make A Fool, Medicate, Nothing At All, You're Freaking Me Out Girl
Wise Guys
Alles Banane, Alles Im Gruenen Bereich, Anna Hat Migraene, Anna Hat Migrдne, Baby Noch Einmal, Besserwisser, Die Heldensage Vom Heiligen Ewald (fc-kцln Hymne), ...
Wishbone Ash
714, A Thousand Years, Almighty Blues, Ancient Remedy, Angels Have Mercy, Anger in Harmony, Anger In Harmony, Another Time, Baby The Angels Are Here, Baby What ...
Wishful Thinking
Wisin And Yandel
Aguanta Esa Boca, Algo Pasa, AtrÉVete, Baila Guilla, Burn It Up, Calle Callejero, Chu Chin, Complaceme, Dale MÁS, Dame Un Kiss, Dembow, El Booty, El Telefono, E...
Witch Doctor
7th Floor The Serengetti, Georgia Plains (holy Grounds), Heaven Comin, Holiday Ritual, The Ancient Sahore, The Ritual
7th Floor The Serengetti, Georgia Plains (Holy Grounds), Heaven Comin, Holiday, The Ancient Sahore, The Ritual
Witchfinder General
Burning a Sinner, Death Penalty, Free Country, Invisible Hate, No Stayer, R.i.p., Witchfinder General
With All Sincerity
Bass Line Nineteen 79, Crash! Crash!, Dark Nights Black Hearts, Differences, Final Destination, Notes Listen Well, Shoot Me, Something Else, The Age Where Nothi...
With Broken Wings
A Beautiful Tradgedy, Black Morning Ribbon, In My Dreams, Lost In The Midst Of Chaos, May We Not Forget Grace, Minus A Holiday, My August, Sympathy Page, The Bi...
Withered Beauty
Dying Alone, Failure, He Who Comes With The Dawn, Joust, Just, Lies, The Worm, Twilight Dreaming, Veil of Nothing
Withered Earth
A Cold Labyrinth Beyond The Dark Towers, A Violent September Moon, Crowning, Dominion Under Angels Graves, Eternity Bleeds The Silence, Forgotten Sunrise, Gazin...
Withering surface
...And She Blossomed, A lily white sign, Beautybeast, Behind the other side, Farewell, Majestic mistress, Pitiful emblems, Scarlet silhouettes, Your shadow my s...
Within Temptation
A Dangerous Mind, Another day, Blooded, Caged, Candles, Dark Wings, Deceiver Of Fools, Deep Within, Enter, Grace, Ice Queen, In Perfect Harmony, It's The Fear, ...
Without Face
...In The Garden, Caleidoscope, Daimonion, Depression, Hymn To The Night, I And I, Pit And Pendulum, Screaming Heartbeat, Talamasca, The Picture, The Violin Of ...
Witney Houston
All At Once
Und... Ich Lauf
Witt / Heppner
Die Flut
Dance Of Flames, End Of All To Come, Intro (Oden's Rain), Oden's Rain, Outro (Oden's Rain), Storm Of Doom
Wiz Khalifa
Black And Yellow, When I'm Gone
A Nice Day To Die, Battle Of Metal, Battlefield of Death, Beginning Of The End, Believe In Metal, Betrayer, Bloodsteel, Bound by Metal, Brave Warriors, Calm Of ...
Wizard Of Oz, The
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Bipolar Mind, Bring Down The House, Call Of War, Daydreaming, Fallen Angels, King Without A Crown, Love And Recall, Riding The Twilight, Sinners And Saints, The...
Bdu, Bei Dir, Das goldene Stück, Doof wie Scheiße, Es ist vorbei, Geisterfahrer, Gemein, Gute Freunde, Hund, Jupp, Just go, Kik, Kopfschuss, Mein Tod, Nice Day ...
I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday
180g Europa, 2 Jahre Noch 4 Tage, Am Ende Nichts, Andrea Ist Kein Schmuddelkind Mehr, Augen Wie Die, Bettina, Das Blaue Kleid, Das Grab, Das Grau Unserer Zeit, ...
Wojciki Jacek
Meijcie Nadzieje
Wolf Biermann
Ballade Vom Brieftrдger William l. Moore, Ballade Vom Preuяischen Ikarus, Berlin, Comandante Chй Guevara, Der Hugenottenfriedhof, Deutschland, Die Elbe Bei Dres...
Wolf Kate
Across The Great Divide, Everybodys Looking For The Same Thing, Give Yourself to Love, Riding in The Country
Wolf Parade
Dear Sons And Daughters Of Hungry Ghosts, Dinner Bells, Fancy Claps, Grounds For Divorce, I'll Believe In Anything, It's A Curse, Modern World, Same Ghost Every...
Wir sind die Meiers, Arise, As Ocean, Atomica, Atomica Acoustic, Bought And Sold, Bought And Sold Acoustic, Bow Unto Thee, Cast Of Clowns, Center Of The Sun, Ch...
Wolfgang Ambross
Heit drah' i mi ham, Zwick's Me, Alt Und Jung, Da Staudinger, Der Berg, Der Hofa, Der Hofer, Der Hofer, Des Is Liebe, Die Blume Aus Dem Gemeindebau, Die Kinettn...
Wolfgang Lippert
Erna kommt
Wolfgang Petry
Auf den Mond schießen, Augen zu und durch, Denn eines Tages vielleicht, Die längste Single der Welt 2, Du bist ein Wunder, Geil Geil Geil, Ich geh' mit Dir, Sch...
Wolfgang Sauer & Angele Durand
Billy Boy
Apple Tree, Colossal, Dimension, Joker And The Thief, Mind's Eye, Pleased To Meet You, Pyramid, Tales From The Forest Of Gnomes, Vagabond, Where Eagles Have Bee...
Blind, Everyone Who Casts A Shadow, For you, It's Hurting For The First Time, Künstliche Welten, Kissing the wall, Sleep somehow, Touch, (The Obvious Fact That)...
Carousel, Coma, His Cold Touch, Leaving Yesterday, My Room, New Best Friends, Pantomime, Post Life, Red Canvas, Sarah, The Final Redemption, The Storm Inside, T...
Womack Bobby
I Used to Love Her
Wombles, The
Banana Rock, Remember You're a Womble, The Wombling Song
Wonder Stuff
30 Years in The Bathroom, 38 Line Poem, A Wish Away, Can't Shape up, Cartoon Boyfriend, Caught in my Shadow, Circlesquare, Don't Let me Down, Gently, Donation,...
Wonder Who
Dont Think Twice Its Alright
She Cried
Arnaldo Said, Arnold Layne, Bali, Barbarella, Carnival Of Souls, Cellophane, Darling, Don't Go Breaking My Heart, Dreamachine, Fleur - De - Lis, Global Village ...
Just More, Big Bang, Dear Lifetime, Feelin' Blue, In April, Jonny, Little Long Time, Never Wore A Gun Before, Sexy Girl, Together Again, Who Am I_
Wooden Circus
Dig, Evening Song, Gardens Of Despair, I Am, Lemon Drop, Life Goes On, Noelle, On The Hill, Solution, Tales Of Brave Ulysses, Train Cars, Umbrella
Woods Harry
Side by Side
Woods Of Ypres
A Meeting Place And Time, Allure Of The Earth, Awaiting The Inevitable, Crossing The 45th Parallel, Dragged Across A Forest Floor, Intro_ The Looming Of Dust In...
Woods, The
6 Ft. Under
Handsome Johnny
Woody Herman
Blue Evening, Blues in The Night, Do Nothin Till You Hear From me, Laurawh, Looking For Yesterday, Sabre Dance, There Will Never be Another Youwh
Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll
Word As A Virus
Avoid The Light, Empty Oceans, End Of The Last Thousand Years, Farewell To Sanctity, The Reconciliation Of Ascension, Tonight We Don't Come Back
Words By Jasmine Rodgers
Serial Experiments Lain Op_'duvet'
World Class Wreckin Cru
Gang Bang, He's Bionic, Housecalls, The Fly, House Calls, Surgery, Turn Off The Lights
World Entertainment War
Apathy And Ignorance, Break The Law, Control Yourself, Dark Ages, Get Outta my Head, In a Crisis, Kick in, Kick Your Own Ass, Marlboro Man Jr., Pagan Jake's Dre...
World Inferno Friendship Society
A Night In The Woods, Cats Are Not Lucky C, Fiend In Wien, Incendiarism, Joe Tennis Redeemed, Leni Riefenstahl At, Lust For Timing, Me Versus Angry Mob, Millice...
World On Edge
Burning Bridges, Keep on Talking, Little Lack of Love, Love Like Candy, Only The Lonely, Standing Push And Fall, Still Beating, Wash The Rain, Words Touch The S...
World Party
Ain't Gonna Come Till I'm Ready, All i Really, All i Really Want, And i Fell Back Alone, God on my Side, Is it Like Today, Is it Too Late?, Love is Best, Love S...
Worm Is Green
Amazing Things, Automagic, Drive Thru, Love Will Tear Us Apart, Morning Song, Outline, Robot Has Got The Blues, Small Reverb, Sunday Session 1.0, Undercover, Wa...
Worthless United
Buster Browns, God, The Devil, And The Worthless, Growing Up Normal, Humpty Dumpty, Instrument, Kill Like You, Memorial Day, Nothing, Something For Everyone, ...
Woven Hand
Aeolian Harp (Under The World), Ain't No Sunshine, Animalitos (Ain't No Sunshine), Arrowhead, Blue Pail Fever, Cripplegate (Standing On Glass), Glass Eye, Last ...
Wozniak Tadeusz
Zegarmistrz Swiatla
Summer of 98
New Jack Swing Ii (Hard Version), Rump Shaker
Moneys Not Everything, Shut up, Stand at Ease
Wrestling Lyrics
2 (The Ecstasy), 2 Skinnee J's- 3 Minute Warning, 619, A Little Space, Aerosmith- Back In The Saddle, Al Snow's Theme, Alice In Chains- Man In The Box, Alien An...
Wretch 32
Don't Go
Wretch 32 Feat. Etta Bond
Wretch 32 feat. Josh Kumra
Don't Go
Wriggles, Les
Poupine et Thierry
Wright O V
Eight Men Four Women
Wright Richard
Against The Odds, Cat Cruise, Drop in From The Top, Funky Deux, Mad Yannis Dance, Mediterranean c, Pink's Song, Summer Elegy
Down This Road, Hard Time, Knew All Along
My Thoughts On The Subject