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Watson Wayne
2 Loves, Before my Very Eyes, Every Now And Again, Friend of a Wounded Heart, I Could Live Without You, I Still Believe, Is There no Harbor, Jesus Sings, Materi...
California, Clever, Daydream, Don't Leave, I'd Give Anything, It's A Drag, Read My Mind, Sleepless, That's How It Feels, Think It Over, Touch, Until The Record ...
Wave Mc
Anni 90, Cio' Che Scrivo, False Coscienze, Mi Piace, Sara' Normale, Siamo Carichi
The Dolphin Song
Bridge To Your Heart, In Some Other World
Waxing Poetics
Baby Jane
All Of My Prophets, Blue Days And Green Nights, Cemetaries, Circus Animal, Colour, Corner Store, Deadly Wisdom, Everything's On Fire, G, If Death Comes, Industr...
A hero's lament, Awakening, Born to the fight, Emain macha, Keen of knowledge, King of the fairies, Once upon an era, Sunrise, Victory feast, With veins afire, ...
Waylon Jennings
(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay, Bob Wills Is Still the King (Live), Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow up to Be Cowboys, The Real House of the Rising Sun, The T...
Waylon Jennings And The Waylors
Love Of The Common People
All In All, Be This Way, Drop D, Figure It Out, Head Up, If You Leave, Letterbox, Shooting At The Stars, Slow Down, Take Me Home, Temporary, With Regards, Whisp...
Wayne Bernie
There She Is, Miss America
Wayne County
Speed Demon, Storm The Gates Of Heaven, Trying To Get On The Radio
Wayne Hancock
Cold Lonesome Wind, Going Back To Texas
Wayne Jeff
The Spirit Of Man, Thunderchild
Wayne Sid
It's Impossible
Wayne Toups
Take My Hand, Thats What I Love About My Baby
Wayne Wonder
Criss Pack A Boots, Informers, Joyride, No Letting Go, No Letting Go (Remix), Searching Dem Searching, Anything Goes, Anything Goes (Featuring Cnn And Lexxus), ...
Better Days, Call It What You Want, Can't Hold Back, Cheddar, Fuckin Wit Uh House Party, Hog, It's All Bad, Just Clownin, Keep Hustlin, The Autobiography, The S...
Wc Experience
Pannekoek Song
Wckr Spgt
A Thousand Hail Marys, After The Fact, Back At The Charles Mountain, Because (she'll Do Anything), Charles Mansion, Elegant Dirt Part Ii, Escape, Folkal Point, ...
We Are Scientists
Bang, Bang, Rock & Roll, Be My Baby, Callbacks, Can't Lose, Cash Cow, History Repeats, HoppÍPolla, Inaction, It's A Hit, Lousy Reputation, Mucho Mas, Nobody M...
We Five
You Were on my Mind, You Were On My Mind
We The People
Mirror of Your Mind, On The Bus
It's raining men
Follow The Drinking Gourd, Kisses Sweeter Than Wine, On Top Of Old Smokey
Webb Pierce
(Don't Do It Darlin') That Heart Belongs To Me, After The Boy Gets The Girl, Are You Sincere, Back Street Affair, Blue Mood, Bop-A-Lena, Broken Engagement, Craz...
Webb Wilder
Ain't That A Lot Of Love, Big Time, Dance For Daddy, Devil's Right Hand, Hittin' Where It Hurts, Hoodoo Witch, How Long Can She Last (Going That Fast), Human Ca...
Back Up, Bad Bitch, Bad Bitch (Remix), Bad Chick, Come Here, Come Here Bitch, Crank It Up, Full Of Dat Shit, G Shit, Give Me That, Gotta Show Me U Worth It, Gut...
Webster Francis Paul
Love is a Many Splendoured Thing, Somewhere my Love, The Green Leaves of Summer
Webster Mandel
The Shadow Of Your Smile
Wedding Parties Anything
Big River, Brunswick, For a Short Time, Gun, Industrial Town, Laughing Boy, Missing in Action, Morton (song For Tex), Roaring Days, Say The Word, Sergeant Small...
Wedding Present
A Million Miles, All This & More, Anyone Can, Anyone Can Make a Mistake, Be Honest, Bewitched, Blonde, Blue Eyes, Boing!, Brassneck, California, Carolyn, Come P...
Kiss Goodbye, So Much Better, Song For You, She Came On
A Bullet Named Christ, American Werewolves In London, Bad Things, Buried By Christmas, Buried With Children, Burn The Flames, Curse Of Me, Die Sci-Fi, Elect Dea...
Wee Papa Girl Rappers
Wee Rule
Weekend, The
California, Cold Feet, Disconnected, Nyla
Gabrielle, 1965 (Demo), 2112 (Rush Cover), A Tear For Eddie, A Tear For Eddie, Alcan Road, Among His Tribe, Awesome Sound, Awesome Sound (Ii), Baby Bitch, Baby ...
Weeping Tile
Basement Apartment, Cold Snap, Dogs And Thunder, In The Road, Poked, The High Way, King Lion
Weeping Willows
Blue And Alone, Broken Promise Land, Echoes Of Your Breath, Endless Night, Eternal Flames, I Close My Eyes, I Didn't Know, I'm Failing In Love, Promise Broken L...
Weerd Science
Blueprint, Conspiracy Theories Without Mel Gibson, Girl, Your Baby's Worm Food, How To Be A, In A City With No Name, Joshua, They're Laughing At You, My War, ...
Across The Sea, American Gigolo, American Girls, Beverly Hills, Buddy Holly, Burndt Jamb, Butterfly, Christmas Celebration, Crab, Death And Destruction, Decembe...
Anti, B.O.S. (Barriage Of Skankers), Balance Of Opinion, Biermacht, Blow You Away, Crazy Ways People Die, Drink Beer Be Free, Drink Jack, Fretboard Gymnastics, ...
Weil Kurt
Mack The Knife
Weird Al Yankovic
(This Song's Just) Six Words Long, Achy Breaky Song, Addicted To Spuds, Airline Amy, Alimony, Another One Rides the Bus, Attack Of The Radioactive Hamsters From...
Weisse Apostel
Alles Was Mir Bleibt, Dinge Die Mich Bewegen, Du Und Ich, Ein Unstillbares Schwein, Freundschaft, Ihr Seid Empцrt
Alles Was Dein Herz Begehrt, Deine Lippen Schweigen, Du Hast Die Wahl, Ein Atemzug, Ein Stueck Gold, Etwas Kommt in Deine Welt, Im Tiefen Rot, In Mir, In Mir (r...
Weitberg Seth
User Friendly
Wells Junior
Messin' With The Kid, My Baby She Left me
Wellwater Conspiracy
B.O.U., Born With A Tail, Brotherhood Of The Electric, C, Myself And Eye, Compellor, Felicity's Surprise, Good Pushing, I Got Nightmares, Keppy's Lament, Ladde...
Wencke Myhre
Beiss Nicht Gleich in Jeden Apfel, Verschenkter Sommer, Eine Mark Fьr Charly, Er Steht im Tor, Laя Mein Knie, Joe
Wendy And Lisa
Always In My Dreams, Are You My Baby, Chance To Grow, Everyday, Everything But You, From Now On (We're One), Fruit At The Bottom, Honeymoon Express, I Think It ...
Wendy O. Williams
Ain't None Of Your Business, Brain Dead, Bump N Grind, Destroyers, It's My Life, Legends Never Die, Opus In Cm7, Priestess, Propagators, The Day Of The Humans I...
Gobbledygook, Half Blind, Half Pie, I Feel Lovely, I Want You And i Want Your Friend, Pulling my Fingers Off, Removal, Something's Wrong Somewhere, Soon is Fine...
Das muss kesseln, Gammeln auf'm Strand, Jetzt geht das los, Kolbenfresser, Komasong, Nobel Schröder, Röhrich Sanitär, Schrauben drehn Muddern drehn, Total egal
Wes Cunningham
So It Goes
Wes Hutchinson
We Could Be Sad
Wes King
Move To The Moon, Optional Thing, Common Creed
Wesley Willis
Suck A Cheatah's Dick
West Indian Girl
Green, Hollywood, Lay Down, Leave Tonight, Miles From Monterey, Northern Sky, Still Lost, Trip, What Are You Afraid Of
West Side Story
A Boy Like That, America, Cool, Gee Officer Krumke, I Feel Pretty, Jet Song, Maria, One Hand One Haert, Quintet, Somethings coming, Somewhere, Tonight, A Boy Li...
Western Union
Auf Der Autobahn
Western Waste
As It Grows, Break Away, Burn Inside, Fight Back, Imprisoned, In The Clouds, Lost, My Shadow, Set Me Up Again
Westernhagen Mm
Mm Westernhagen Johnny Walker
East Londen Is Wonderful, Im Forever Blowing Bubbles
Against All Odds, Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now), Amazing, Angel, Angel's Wings, Bad Girls, Bop Bop Baby, Can't Loose What You Never Had, Can't Lose W...
Dirt Sandwich, Heather Lewis, Little Mile 94, Matinee, Mrs Perfect Girl, New Shirt, Opening Chord, Record Shop, Retarded
Westside Connection
3 Time Felons, A Threat To The World, All the Critics in New Yo, All The Critics In New York, Bow Down, Bow Down (Ice Cube Mix), Cross 'Em Out and Put a ', Do Y...
A Million Miles, Beautiful, Black Shadow Symphony, Cyberdreamer, Elastic, Get A Life, Heart Is A Heavy Load, How Good It Feels, I Can't Run, Ice Queen, Limbo, M...
Wet Desert
If i Were You, Mellow Morning, Tomorrow
Wet Wet Wet
After The Love Goes, Angel Eyes (Home And Away), Back On My Feat, Beyond The Sea, Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight, Don't Want To Forgive Me Now, East Of The Rive...
Wet Willy
Everybodys Stoned
Hobo Humping Slobo Babe
Battlestations, Blue (Live In China), Careless Whispers, Come On!, Everything She Wants, I'm Your Man, Nothing Looks The Same In The Light, Wham! Rap (Enjoy Wha...
What About Chad
Less Talk, More Sleep, Nothing More, Strangers, Take This Home, The Front Of Me, With Eyes Closed
Whatever It Takes
A Day In The Life Of A Businessman, A Fist Full Of Revolution, Apt. 2, 4 Am, Friday, Both Can't Survive, Chris Drives Me Home, City Streets, Summer Heat, Col...
Whats Up With Chad
Guitar Boingo
And Someone With Strengths, Be Brave, Body Talk (Part 1), Body Talk (Part 2), Closer To Mercury, Don't I Hold You, Flat Black, Go Get The Cops, Headphone Record...
A Little Respect, Hump'em N'dump'em, Leroy, Love Is a Mutt From Hell, Punk Assed Bitch, Sunshine, Teenage Dirtbag, Truffles, A Little Respect, American In Amste...
When In Rome
Everything, Heaven Knows, The Promise, The Promise (Tony Moran Club Mix)
I want to love, Saturday Night, Ain't it Blue, Don't Walk Away
While Heaven Wept
Epistle No. 81, From Empires To Oceans, In Aeternum, Into The Wells Of Sorrow, Of Empires Forlorn, September, Sorrow Of The Angels, Soulsadness, The Death Of Lo...
While I Breathe, I Hope
5 On 4, Hope For Thin Tolerance, How Do I Say I Love You, I'd Be A Liar To Feel This Way, I'll Shake Your Hand And Slap Your Face, Road Trip, Suckerpunch
Whimsical Feat. Maria Mena - Every Time
Last man alive, Message in blood, Nailed to the cross, Power thrashing death, Red bomb, Spit on your grave, Stagedive, Stirring the cauldron, Warmonger, Drownin...
23 Years, A New Chapter, Against Us All, Alt.Guitar.Com, An Open Invitation, Blinded, Bottom Line, Clotheshorse, Cold As Stone, Don't Leave Me, Equations, Feeli...
Whipping Boy
Twinkle, We Dont Need Nobody Else
Whirling Dervishes
Youre a Mean One
16days, A Song For You, Angels Are Messengers From God, Avenues, Black Arrow, Bleeding Heart, Blank Generation, Bottom Of The Glass, Captain Smith, Dancing Wit...
Whispering forest
Black orchid, Darkest side, Last sunset, On these endless autumn nights, Shine of lethe, Twined as one, Winterbird, Flamescape, Forgotten Voices, In Poison Slee...
White Alert
Память Тупаку
White Clarence
Never Ending Love
White Fence
Paper Bag/Apples
White Lion
All Join Our Hands, All The Fallen Men, All You Need is Rock And Roll, Baby Be Mine, Blue Monday, Broken Heart, Broken Home, Cherokee, Cry For Freedom, Dirty Wo...
White Skull
A New Handbook, A Voice From The Heaven, Anubis The Jackal, Asgard, B.T.B.W. North Italy, Because I, Burn Rome, Burn, Cleopathra, Devil's Woman, Embittered, Fi...
White Soxx
White Style
Zvezda, Звезда
White Town
A Week Next June, Death Of My Desire, Going Nowhere Somehow, Once I Flew, The Function Of The Orgasm, The Shape Of Love, Thursday At The Blue Note, Undressed, W...